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KanSPRA/KASB Publications Contest

The Kansas School Public Relations Association (KanSPRA) in conjunction with the Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB) conducts an annual publications contest to recognize the top work produced by KanSPRA members.

2021 Contest Guidelines

  • The contest is only open to KanSPRA members
  • There is no cost to enter the contest
  • Enter as many categories as you wish, but only one entry per category
  • Entries must be produced between July 2019 and June 2021
  • Submission window is available from May 1, 2021 until June 30, 2021
  • If files are not currently accessible on the internet, please upload files to a web storage account and provide a link. 

Submit your entries via: Submissions are Closed


  1. District Report Card / Annual Report: Annual publication to inform patrons of the district's performance.
  2. Audio / Video: A presentation or episode of a single program, podcast, or promotional piece.
  3. Calendar / Handbook: Publication with event dates or information designed to inform students, staff, and/or parents about the organization and policy.
  4. Electronic Publication: External or internal communications distributed only electronically.
  5. Marketing Materials / Special Purpose Publication: Items used to communicate the appealing qualities or explain education issues of a school, district, or program. This is a single piece.
  6. Newsletters: External or internal printed publications.
  7. Photo / Photo Series: Photographs taken by a district representative for district use. Provide a description of use.
  8. Project, Special Event, or Program: Describe a project, special event, or program that supported a district initiative. Provide description, results, and sample of materials and tactics utilized. 
  9. Websites / Social Media: Provide a link (s) to the home page or social media campaign. Please do not submit separate entries for each of your individual school sites.
  10. Writing: Op-ed pieces, editorials, speeches, or individual articles from an official written piece intended for public distribution.
  11. Crisis Communication: Items used to communicate information, educate, or update the school community about crisis-related topics or changes. ( This can include items related to the COVID-19 pandemic.) 

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